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New Battery-Powered Diamond Maintenance Kit

New Battery-Powered Diamond Maintenance Kit

Battery Powered Diamond Maintenance Kit

Low winter temperatures can have a devastating effect on the performance and efficiency of hydraulic tools. The viscosity of hydraulic fluid and oil increases during winter, hampering performance possibly to the point that fluid no longer flows, which can lead to expensive damage to equipment. Rubber components such as seals, fittings, mounts, and hoses can also be seriously damaged during operation.

Our new Battery-Powered Diamond Maintenance Kit is a great addition to your winter maintenance tool kit. It is ideal to assist in railroad crossing maintenance or anywhere requiring fast precision torquing and impacting, and is a significant savings compared to buying these items separately.

This kit includes 1-each Gedore Battery-Powered Torque Wrench with 1" square drive, 1-each Milwaukee Battery Powered Impact Wrench with 1" drive and 40-each 1-3/8"-6 J.Lanfranco THU Self-Locking Fasteners.

Gedore LDA-40 Battery Powered Torque Wrench

The Gedore LDA-40 is a battery-powered torque wrench for track fasteners. In our field testing of the LDA-40, users have been able to perform over 80 torque applications on just one fully charged battery, which remains at full strength until the battery is fully discharged.

  • Capable of applying 320 to 2,950 lb/ft (430 - 4,000 NM)
  • Adjustable dial and two-speed transmission allow users to select the desired torque
  • Tool reverses once selected torque is reached, releasing all tension, and allowing easy removal of socket
  • With custom reaction arm, all torque forces are directed back into the adjacent fastener or structure eliminating any kickback on the tool

Milwaukee Battery Powered Impact Wrench

The Milwaukee M18 is a high-torque, cordless impact wrench with 1” drive and D-handle.

  • POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers up to 2,000 lb/ft of nut-busting torque and 1,900 lb/ft of fastening torque
  • Installs up to 200 fasteners on a single HIGH OUTPUT™ HD12.0Ah battery
  • Protected against overload, overheating and over-discharge by way of its REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence
  • ONE-KEY™ Technology allows users to customize, track and manage the impact wrench with the ability to set a repeatable torque output for maximum control

J.Lanfranco self locking track fasteners

The J.Lanfranco 1-3/8”-6 THU Self Locking Fastener is a heavy-duty, full-height hex nut possessing self-locking technology and is proven in the field to be resistant to loosening regardless of the amount of vibration, shock or impact the nut endures.

  • Self-locking technology
  • Will not loosen despite heavy train traffic and vibrations
  • Single-piece design – no inserts or purchase of new bolt required
  • Anti-galling, and no anti-seize paste or grease required
  • No purchase of a bolt necessary
  • Remove and reuse

CONTACT US or give us a CALL to purchase or learn more about our new Diamond Maintenance Kit.

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