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Safety & Security - Signage

Given the wide range of projects that occur on any given railway, it’s no surprise that many different railroad safety signs, from lockout tagout signs to marking flags and more, are necessary within every operation. Proper signage ensures that all railroad professionals and maintenance workers, as well as passersby in the general public, are well-informed about any potential risks.

Aside from the obvious requirement for proper traffic signage, railroads must also utilize the appropriate signs to signal when work is occurring on the track, or when some other obstruction or hazard lies ahead. Derail banners help inform engineers of precisely where a derail has been placed, and lockout tagout signs are an important part of maintaining safety protocols within railways.

Signs such as these ensure that all professionals, production gangs and maintenance workers in the area are not subjected to unnecessary danger; it’s not always possible to verbally communicate about the details of a rail project, and signs eliminate the need to do so.

Signage is not only compliant with all necessary regulations, but it also facilitates an environment that workers can feel safe operating within. When railroad professionals feel confident that any hazards will be visually communicated to them, they can complete their projects more efficiently and without any undue stress.

At Industry-Railway Suppliers, we have been working to bring high-quality solutions of all sorts to railroad professionals since 1966. We understand the importance of safety in the workplace, and although proper signage might seem like a simple way to achieve it, railroad safety signs are actually an incredibly effective measure.

Our qualified team of service professionals are knowledgeable about the best signage solutions for specific applications, so whether you’re looking for marking flags, switch cube indicators, safety flags, lockout tagout signs or something else, we can help you locate the ideal product for your needs. Browse our selection of signage today to create a safer and more communicative environment.

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