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When it comes to the railroad industry, many projects are simply too demanding to be completed by hand. With so much technology available, it makes sense to take advantage of it. 

One of the most daunting railroad projects is laying track; fortunately, there is a wide range of railroad tie laying & replacement machines and attachments available to make this process simpler and safer.

Tie laying units are incredibly useful machines for new construction, as are railroad tie replacement machines. Each of these instruments allows for a far more automated process when it comes to railroad tie laying or replacing foundational elements of the railway.

Similarly, a rail threader positions the rail accurately to the track, and a clip driver allows a single operator to clip the ties in place with ease. Industry-Railway Suppliers’ Clip Driver swiftly fastens the rail with Pandrol Fastclips and E-clips to the ties.

Prior to clipping, our hydraulic rail pullers allow workers to easily destress continuous welded rail without overexerting themselves. Our portable track loading fixtures can inspect track resistance of gage widening under simulated loads.

In addition to all of these machines, which make maintaining, railroad tie laying, and replacing track far simpler for railroad professionals, Industry-Railway Suppliers also sells attachments such as rail grips to pull the rail and Swingmaster dual rail brushes to ensure proper crossing signal operations to round out our comprehensive product lineup.

Since 1966, Industry-Railway Suppliers has worked tirelessly to ensure that railroad professionals receive the best possible tools complemented by knowledgeable service. Whether you are in the market for a machine to make the process of laying rail more efficient within your operation, or an attachment for your excavator to make the process of rail construction easier, Industry-Railway Suppliers can assist—purchase your railroad tie laying & replacement machine or attachment today.

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