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Fasteners - Mechanical/Locomotive

Mechanical and locomotive fasteners are a vital component of maintenance of way (MOW), which can have a significant impact on the overall safety of a track. Over time, some fasteners may loosen due to the vibrations from passing trains; this can pose a threat to engineers, railroad workers, and train passengers.

Tamper resistant bolts and screws and Torx Bolts, in combination with an accompanying product like Torx flange nuts, are an effective fastening system when it comes to resisting the movements and vibrations caused by passing locomotives. For this reason, these fasteners are often used in vital positions like switches and turnouts.

Mechanical and locomotive fasteners are easy to use, with simple installation and torquing instructions that allow workers to effectively perform their necessary frequent track maintenance.

Our commitment to quality service and reliable products is why we offer such fasteners as the J. Lanfranco Self Locking THU locknuts and Camcar products. These premium fasteners have a built-in self-locking technology that virtually eliminates the possibility of loosened components regardless of the amount of vibration your critical joints endure. They will exceed your expectations, ensuring your MOW projects will be performed to the highest standard of quality.

At Industry-Railway Suppliers, we understand the value of mechanical and locomotive fasteners because we have been providing high-quality solutions to industry professionals since 1966. In our decades working in this industry, we have come to recognize which solutions genuinely add value to railroad professionals’ lives, so we strive to include the very best items available on the market in our lineup. Whether your mechanical and locomotive fastener needs include torx flange nuts or tamper resistant bolts and screws, Industry-Railway Suppliers is sure to have a solution to accommodate them; browse our products today to find the ideal fastener for your application.

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