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Safety & Security - Derails

Though accidental train derailment can pose a wide range of dangers to railroad workers, engineers, passengers and anyone else who may be in the area, railroad derails, which purposefully derail a locomotive, are a valuable and necessary safety tool, required by the FRA.

Both portable and permanent derails are tools that attach to the track, causing the train to slowly derail as it rolls over them. These safety measures are used in situations where it would be more dangerous to allow the locomotive to forge ahead, such as instances where a person or animal is blocking the track.

Similar to rail skates and skids, railroad derails offer a safe and effective way to mitigate risks that arise on the railway. Portable options make it easy for railroad workers to take these tools a safe and appropriate distance from the threat (whatever it may be), allowing all involved a greater peace of mind.

Derails have been tested and proven to safely derail even incredibly heavy locomotives at low speeds; some derails even include a sign and holder to alert the engineer of its exact location.

Derails are an important component of any fully-stocked safety arsenal.  They are the sort of tool that you hope you won’t need to be used, but that you’ll be incredibly glad you have it on track when they become necessary.

At Industry-Railway Suppliers, we understand the need for all types of safety and security equipment because we’ve been operating in this sector since 1966, and our experience has taught us how to mitigate them most effectively. Shop our selection of railroad derails, rail skates, and rail skids today, and rest assured that your railroad maintenance projects are prepared for any situation that may arise.

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