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Railroad safety signs have an important role for ensuring the safety of production gangs and other maintenance workers doing construction on railroads. These safety signs not only alert drivers and pedestrians of upcoming work areas and road closures, they are also required by law. The Federal Railroad Association has safety requirements reminding railroad contractors and employees to identify hazardous conditions and to mitigate those conditions with safety signs. Industry-Railway Suppliers guarantees that its railroad safety signs comply with these FRA regulations.

Anyone who has ever come upon a railway construction zone by car or on foot is likely familiar with the Men at Work signs; these are often taken for granted but play a crucial role in safety. Men at Work signs and other colored caution signs and flags are to be placed near the track to warn people approaching the construction zone. FRA regulations require that these signs bear the words “STOP” in letters at least 4 inches high and other words at least 2 inches high.

Industry-Railway Suppliers also offers other railroad safety items and tools including safety and marking flags, derail signs, temporary signposts, flag insertion tools and more.

In any case, the goal of all railroad safety signs is to catch the attention of those passing by to ensure safety for railroad workers. As railroads became the preferred method of transportation in the 19th century, it became clear that some sort of sign was necessary to keep workers safe from hazardous conditions. Less than a century later in 1966, Industry Railway Suppliers (IRS) was founded, and we have been supplying the railroad derail signs and other tools you need ever since.

Through our valuable partnerships, we offer quality railroad safety signs in compliance with the FRA, with impeccable customer service to boot.

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