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Tools - Locomotive

At Industry-Railway Suppliers, we certainly know our way around the track maintenance side of the industry, but that’s not to say that we aren’t well versed in locomotives as well. After all, what good are well maintained cross ties and continuous welded rail without locomotives to use them on? 

That’s why we offer a comprehensive lineup of locomotive tools designed specifically to ensure that your fleet can operate as safely and efficiently as possible, managing any potential issues that might arise quickly and seamlessly.

From heavy-duty steel wrenches and safety strobes, to pipe and brake line wrenches, IRS has all the locomotive tools you could need no matter how simple or complex it may be. Our team understands the stresses of keeping a locomotive fleet in working order, so we’re always willing to answer questions and help guide you toward the products that will best meet your needs.

Since 1966, Industry-Railway Suppliers has been providing superior tools to railway professionals, and while many aspects of this space have changed in the last 50+ years, our commitment to service and quality have not.

The railway system that first connected opposite ends of the country is still an integral part of its infrastructure, and without locomotives to fill it, it would cease to function. Our locomotive tools are designed to make your life easier, as you work to meet the ever-increasing demands of American consumers. Shop Industry-Railway Suppliers for your pipe and brake line wrenches or brake lubricants today.

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