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Grinding stones, abrasive products, and cut-off wheels are effective for profiling and cutting rail steel. They are versatile in that they can be used in a wide variety of applications, and enable the user to quickly cut or shape the rail. As the wheel spins, the friction wears away the surface layer of abrasive grains and bonding agent, exposing fresh, sharp grains. Internal reinforcement adds to the strength of the wheels. Metal grinding and cutting wheels can take on many shapes and sizes depending upon the application.

Rail grinding is performed to extend the life of rails, remove surface defects, and improve wheel contact. Cutting wheels are used to efficiently cut through the rail for repairs or construction. 

The powerful action of abrasive products for cutting, including grinding discs makes them potentially dangerous to use. Careful attention to safety rules reduces that risk. Some of the safety rules to keep in mind include wearing protective gear and checking the wheels for damage before use. Store the wheels in a dry place. Look into the best practices to ensure the safest and most effective usage. Our wheels come with safety and instructional materials including information about storage, handling, pre-running the wheels, avoiding contaminants, etc. Please reach out to us for further instructions.

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