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Tools - Tents/Umbrellas/Spark Guard

Steel rail is undeniably prone to sparking, which can prove dangerous for railroad workers, foliage, or passers-by while routine maintenance and necessary repairs are being completed.

At Industry-Railway Suppliers, we want to keep you as safe as possible as you perform needed maintenance of way projects, and providing welding tents stands, and clamps for sale is one way that we are able to do just that.

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know that welding is a very common occurrence on railways, whether it’s electric repair welding, thermite welding, or flash-butt welding. Regardless of the purpose, railway welding, and the grinding that follows is liable to create sparks, which can prove dangerous in many situations.

Spark shields can also ensure safety during the use of abrasive tools, like grinding wheels and cut off wheels. Not only are sparks hazardous to surrounding workers (even those wearing personal protective equipment), they can pose environmental dangers to surrounding areas.

Industry-Railway Suppliers offers work tents that are both flame retardant and non-conductive, designed specifically to heighten safety while railway professionals complete possibly dangerous maintenance of way projects. Additionally, our welding tents are properly ventilated so there is no question that the workers inside remain safe from the smoke.

Having been in business since 1966, Industry-Railway Suppliers has had ample time to explore exactly what constitutes a superior railway product, and that’s what we strive to put in the hands of each and every one of our customers.

Our knowledgeable customer service staff is well-versed in the tents, umbrellas, and spark guards that Industry-Railway Suppliers has to offer, so feel free to reach out with any questions as you browse our welding tents, clamps, and other products for sale so you can walk away with the product that best aligns with your needs.

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