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It’s common knowledge that railroads pose more dangers than the average workplace. It might not be necessary to post a Safety First sign in a general office setting, but at a railroad worksite, it certainly is. At Industry-Railway Suppliers, we deeply understand the importance of safety and security in this space, which is why we offer such a robust lineup of products in the field; including railroad switch keys and locks.

Situations often change very quickly on track, and events must be communicated to engineers and section gangs somehow; this necessitates many types of flags as well as temporary sign posts. In addition to railroad safety signage, protective gear and other safety equipment have to be deployed in order to prevent accidents. IRS is proud to supply all these items.

Beyond simply selling many different colored signs, which communicate different happenings, and the men at work signs, which protect maintenance crews, we also provide practical security items including many different types of railroad switch locks, keys and derails.

A railroad infrastructure is only as strong as the people who run it, and without proper safety measures, workers cannot perform at their highest possible level. IRS and our team of dedicated customer service and field sales support staff want to keep every railway professional as secure as possible, so we will work with you to find safety and security items that thoroughly meet your needs.

Having worked within this industry since 1966, Industry-Railway Suppliers knows a thing or two about what it takes to keep railroad professionals safe. We’ll work hard to ensure that you and your workers remain safe, and don’t have to endure any unnecessary hardship when you purchase your safety and security items from railroad switch keys and locks to railroad safety signage and derails through us today.

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