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It doesn’t take industry expertise to know that rail is made of steel, and that means they will inevitably need to undergo some welding as part of their regular maintenance and repairs.

From electric arc to flash-butt welding, there’s never a shortage of welding projects to be completed on any railway, which is precisely why welding tents, welding umbrellas, and welding spark shields are important items for preserving workers’ safety as well as the environment.

Welding umbrellas are a perfect way to protect welders from the elements as they work for hours under the glaring sunlight.

Railroad welders typically encounter tasks that create a great deal of sparks. These sparks, posing safety risks to other workers and their surroundings, make flame retardant/shielding spark tents ideal.

At Industry-Railway Suppliers, we understand that welding is a common project to railway maintenance because we have been providing professionals in this space with all the necessary tools since 1966. We also greatly understand the need for safety.

We’re proud to offer a quality selection of welding tents, umbrellas, and spark tents. Shop our products today so you prioritize the safety of all industry workers and surrounding areas during welding projects.

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