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Prepare Now For Production Season

Prepare Now For Production Season

Winter is the season for the rebuilding and repairing of railroad maintenance equipment, especially replacement of wear parts, which take quite a beating. With Production Season just around the corner, now is the time to replace your wear parts that are essential to the soon approaching construction season.

Industry-Railway Suppliers offers a variety of wear parts to ensure your MOW equipment fleet is ready for the long production season ahead.

Our Spike Puller Claws are USA-made workhead attachments used in conjunction with Nordco spike pullers. The durability of these forged-alloy steel claws allow for extreme pulling power and high-production spike pulling, increasing the efficiency and safety of your rail and tie production gangs. They require less replacements than that of other claws therefore less labor cost and less maintenance time lost.

For heavy-duty ballast maintenance, our Club-Style Broom Elements are an ideal choice. Each element tapers wider to a “club” design to handle tougher application needs. The unique design and premium, solid-rubber material provide a 15-20% longer lifespan compared to standard elements, which reduces the amount of time and money spent maintaining and replacing brooms on your ballast regulator machines.

Club Style Broom Elements

Attach the club-style or standard broom elements to your ballast regulator with our durable double-broom clamp. This clamp securely holds two broom elements in place and is made in the USA from forged-alloy steel. The double broom clamp is easily reusable as well.

Double Broom Element Clamp
Our no-jam, replaceable Swingmaster Spike Trays seamlessly feed spikes to the spike head. The spikes travel smoothly and consistently to the head, decreasing spiking time. The trays are quickly replaceable as well, cutting down on labor time.

Rail Clamps, which lift the rail enabling the tamping of ballast, are subject to much wear and tear as a result of this demanding job. Our rail clamp is superior, made in the USA from carbide steel guaranteeing a strong hold and lift on to the rail, and increased longevity of the part.

Prepare your maintenance fleet now for the soon approaching Production Season. Contact Us, or Call Industry Railway at (630) 766-5708 with any wear part questions or inquiries. 

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