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Industry-Railway Suppliers is proud to offer high-quality RR wear parts intended to assist with a variety of railroad work equipment and wear part applications from railroad spike pullers to broom clamps.

If railroad ballast is left unregulated, it could pose potential danger. Broom elements and club-style broom elements allow workers to remove obstructions and debris from the track which could pose issues for passing trains. They can also be used to remove snow from the railroad track. IRS only sells high-performance broom elements, which last 15-20% longer due to their durable material. Our double broom clamps hold two broom elements in place, and are made of long-lasting forged alloy steel and are easily reusable.

Weather and obstructions aren’t the only thing that can pose on-track danger. Rail spikes need to be replaced after a great deal of wear, and our railroad spike puller claw, a work head attachment for spike puller machines, is made of reliable forged alloy steel. They will remain dependable in your seemingly never-ending spike removal and replacement jobs.

Industry-Railway Suppliers offers a wide selection of wear parts to meet virtually any project need. Since we have been providing products to railway professionals since 1966, we understand the unique rigors of the industry, and we work hard to offer the best solutions possible.

Shop our lineup of wear parts today, including railroad spike pullers and RR snow plow blades and reach out to the knowledgeable Industry-Railway Suppliers’ team with any questions about which products will best serve your wear part needs.

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