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Safety & Security - Padlocks

For decades, locks have remained a valuable tool for railroad operations, ensuring that a company maintains security and safety regardless of how expansive its territory may be.

There are a number of different types of railroad locks, each of which serve an important function. Switch points are a vital part of all railroads, but particularly those with many different tracks; switch point locks ensure that a track switch remains in its chosen position at all times.

Another common safety tool, derails utilize locks to maintain proper function. Locks hold derails in place, ensuring that whatever risk or vulnerability that lies ahead on or near the track (past the derailment point) remains untouched.

Railroad locks are used for more than just on-track applications, too. Abloy Cliq locks are highly advanced digital padlocks that allow companies to use customizable codes remotely to maintain the security of a railroad infrastructure.

Though Industry-Railway Suppliers appreciates the ways that modern technology has assisted professionals advance switch point, derail, and other types of locks, we also understand the value of good, old-fashioned equipment as we’ve been supplying it since 1966.

Whether you need highly secure and weather-resistant padlocks to boost track safety through switch points and derails, or you simply want reliable locks to keep all of your equipment safe and secure, Industry-Railway Suppliers is sure to have the ideal solutions for your needs.

Shop our selection of padlocks today, and reach out to our highly trained Industry-Railway Suppliers’ team with any questions as you browse our switch point lock and other padlock options for the best solution to keep your operation as secure as possible. 

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