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Safety & Security - Keys

As every railroad worker knows, railroad keys are a necessary (if somewhat laborious) part of operating in this industry. Keys are used to secure buildings and facilities, but railroad switch and lock keys are an especially important component of railroad security.

Because the necessity of using keys as a means of boosting railroad security was first adopted when the rail system was initially built, any railroad professional is accustomed to carrying a number of keys on them at all times, but it’s still dangerous if an employee should lose one of those keys.

In the wrong hands, a railroad switch or lock key could spell disaster; by the same logic, if a worker needs to access a railroad component but cannot locate their key, it could prove incredibly dangerous. For this reason, it’s vitally important that workers know where their keys are at all times, and the proper equipment can make it far easier to use and keep track of these tools.

At Industry-Railway Suppliers, we know the importance of railroad keys, but we also understand their shortcomings; that’s why we offer items such as the highly advanced Abloy Proteq2 Cliq for sale to heighten railroad safety.

We have worked in the railroad industry since 1966; our years of experience have allowed us to gain a unique perspective in to the safety space, and we’re committed to providing our customers with the most top-of-the-line solutions on the market, coupled with friendly and knowledgeable service.

Shop our selection of railroad keys today, and enjoy the confidence of knowing that some of your most important security tools can be easily located and utilized when they are most needed.

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