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Continuous welded rail (CWR) creates a smooth, continuous length of rail necessary for an efficiently functioning railroad. Proper rail welding equipment is important to have on hand for whatever type of welding job you have. There are different methods of welding, but the most common is electric flash welding and thermite welding. Thermite welding is accomplished through the super-heated metal produced by the thermite reaction to join rail ends. The weld metal is obtained from the combination of iron oxide and alloys reacting with aluminum to produce the weld mixture. The molten iron is then sent into a mold, filling the gap between two ends of rail.

Flash butt welding uses a forging machine that places two rail ends at a precise distance from each other. A power supply creates electrical resistance heat, which melts the ends. They are then forced together by the machine, creating the weld.

Electric arc welding employs a welding rod or wire to create filler metal. The arc generates the heat necessary to melt and bond the steel and filler metal together.

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