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The concept of welding might sound simple enough, but those who work in the profession know that welding requires skill, focus, and a fair amount of equipment to perform effectively. Welding has been common practice for hundreds of years, but there are still new innovations in this space every year which require new and better welding tools in addition to the essential classics.

In addition to the standard protective gear, some of the most necessary welding instruments for those working on the railroad include a welding hammer, MIG pliers, straight edges, alignment plates, hot-cut chisels, weld shears, profile grinders, Tempilaq, grinding and cut-off wheels, sledge hammers, welding tents, head wear gauges, wedges, grinders and hydraulic rail preheaters.These projects must be performed precisely in order to ensure the safety of other railroad workers and to prevent derailment. Welding gauges and grinders ensure that they are completed seamlessly and that the rail profile is ideal.

As the field of rail welding progresses, the welding tools that welders need advance as well. The new and preferred preheating indicator, Tempilaq, is used to test the temperature of the rail and to ensure welding is performed properly.

The reasons for welding rail are virtually endless. Whether a stretch of rail near a station requires a spot weld, or a section of rail in a remote area calls for repair, a welder certainly need a plethora of tools, from welding gauges to infrared laser thermometers, to complete the job.

At Industry-Railway Suppliers, we have been equipping railroad professionals with top of the line tools since 1966, and our commitment to quality is unwavering to this day. Shop our selection of welding tools to ensure that you are prepared for every type of railroad maintenance project.

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