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Keeping rail maintained with the appropriate profile and no irregularities can greatly extend its life and enhance its overall safety; rail grinding stones and cut-off wheels are some of the best tools in the industry for achieving those goals.

As every industry professional knows all too well, railroads endure significant stress that can lead to irregularities in its rail profile over time; even new track is not immune from profile inconsistencies or deformities. This can decrease the track’s overall efficiency and even lead to derailment if left unattended to. When it comes to production, irregularities in new track can prove detrimental in terms of both safety and fuel economy. Fortunately, abrasives can mitigate these issues with correct preventative and maintenance grinding to return the rail to its proper profile.

There are a number of different types of abrasives, ranging from those intended to precisely grind down irregularities or shape the rail, to those designed for cutting through the toughest of rail steel. Whether you are in the market for rail cut-off wheels to perform on-track repairs, or you need rail grinding stones to perform reprofiling repairs, Industry-Railway Suppliers can assist with all of your abrasives needs.

Industry-Railway Suppliers knows just how vital high-quality abrasives are to keeping your track running effectively because we have been supplying industry professionals with all of the necessary tools since 1966; we’ve drawn upon our experience to create a lineup of the best abrasives available on the market. When you shop our abrasive wheels, you’re sure to be met with the 50+ years of knowledge and experience.

Feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team of experts with any questions as you shop for the rail grinding stones or other abrasives that best fit the specific needs of your application. Browse our inventory to find solutions that ensure your railroad infrastructure keeps running smoothly. 

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