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There’s no question that maintenance of way (MOW) focuses heavily on improving safety and heightening the operational longevity of railway systems, but MOW planners are seeking clever ways to boost efficiency and slash costs, too.

As most industry professionals know, railroad grease and lubricants are a cost-effective tool for reducing friction, as well as cutting down on rail wear and lateral forces. This also leads to improved fuel economy in some cases—at Industry-Railway Suppliers, we’re eager to help you maximize these potential benefits.

Top-of-rail lubrication such as a dry film track grease can be spread onto the tracks with a lube brush and then transferred to rail vehicles when they pass; the friction control process occurs automatically from there. Less friction translates to greater fuel economy.

Of course, railroad grease and lubricants are good for more than just reducing the amount of friction that vehicles endure. Properly greased equipment will require far less maintenance because it will incur less damage, which as a result, will extend the life of that equipment.

If you want to keep engines running, keep the rubber pads of a switch plate in good working order, reduce the wear created by wheel flange, and generally ensure things run smoothly, track grease and lubricants are your answer. Lubricants may not be highly technical, but they’re integral to a healthy rail system.

At Industry-Railway Suppliers, we know what makes a quality product because we’ve been operating in this field since 1966. Not only do we strive to provide all of the best tools for track lubrication one could need to effectively service a railway, we also aim to offer unparalleled customer support every step of the way.

Browse our lineup of railroad lubricants, and reach out to the IRS support staff if you need any help selecting the best railroad grease products to make your operation run as smoothly as possible.

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