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Track fasteners are critical to the very architecture of railways: they ensure that rail remains joined with the foundational elements of the railroad.

It doesn’t take a great deal of familiarity with the rail industry to recognize that quality fasteners greatly enhance safety for anyone who works on or utilizes a railway in any capacity. These quality fasteners make a world of difference in the overall health of a railway.

J Lanfranco locknuts are one such exceptional product. Dual slotted without any inserts required, these locknuts can be installed using standard tooling, and provide a superior locking action that is not dependent upon bolt tension. They stay put regardless of overhead loads, never requiring tightening attention from maintenance crews.

Perhaps you’re seeking a fastener or fastening system because you need help keeping crossties in their proper place, joint bars, diamonds or frogs tight, or you need to complete any number of other enhancements or repairs. Having served the railroads since 1966, Industry-Railway Suppliers understands the need for exceptional rail and track bolts.

Whether you simply need to replace a few rail nuts or bolts, or could use some assistance with selecting the right Camcar timber screw or J Lanfranco locknut for your project, our well-informed customer service team will be happy to help you.

Purchase your track fasteners from Industry-Railway Suppliers today and know that your railroad infrastructure is in good hands.

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