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Tools - Cross Ties

Next to the rail itself, the cross ties are perhaps the most iconic component of the railroad. While we don’t sell cross ties at Industry-Railway Suppliers, we do sell absolutely everything you could need to service them effectively. Everything from railroad tie tools & tongs to railroad spikes, we understand the complicated nature of many cross tie projects, and our support team is always available to offer assistance in any way possible.

In the early days of the railway infrastructure, there was just one type of cross tie: wood. Many tracks still feature wooden cross ties, preserved to varying degrees, but it is no longer the universal material. Today, cross tie materials have expanded significantly to include concrete, steel, plastic, and more. Of course, as the definition of cross ties has greatly expanded, so have the types of railroad tie tools necessary for servicing them.

Given the unique components of each different sort of cross tie, there are many different tools available for maintaining or replacing them, and IRS is proud to provide top of the line products in every category. Whether you’re in need of a railroad tie tong, tie plug driver, a pan pulling tool for concrete ties, or a spike fast kit for plugging holes in wooden ties, or virtually any other tool related to cross ties, you can count on Industry-Railway Suppliers to offer it.

While our product line up may be wholly modern, we’re anything but new to the railway industry. In fact, we’ve been providing reliable railroad tie tools to professionals in this space since 1966, so we have watched as the technology has advanced, and have not only grown right along with it, but have had a hand in developing a lot of these modern tools.

No matter what sort of cross tie maintenance you need to complete, or how involved and complicated your replacement project may be, rest assured that IRS has all of the railroad spike & timber tongs and other railway tools you need to complete the job as simply and as quickly as possible.

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