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Rail steel may be strong, but it’s no match for the right railway cutting wheels—that’s a blessing when it comes time to complete maintenance of way (MOW) projects. Though it’s true that a track must withstand a great deal of pressure on a regular basis, it must also yield to railway workers when repairs are necessary, and that’s where tools like 14 to 28-inch cut-off wheels come into play.

When railhead deformities are too pronounced to be ground away through the use of an abrasive, a more significant repair is likely necessary. Whether your MOW project is taking place on a remote stretch of land, or during a night shift, railway cutting wheels enable you to complete repairs quickly and safely.

Having worked in this space since 1966, Industry-Railway Suppliers understands that no two maintenance projects are exactly alike, which is why we provide cut-off wheels fit for any project you may have. Our high-quality Norton cut-off wheels allows welders to complete their maintenance projects with a high degree of efficiency and safety.

Whether you know precisely which railway cutting wheels you need to expedite your MOW welding objectives, or you could use assistance in finding the right wheels, our knowledgeable staff is standing by to help.

Browse our selection of 14 to 28-inch cut-off wheels today to ensure that all of your projects run as efficiently as possible.

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