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Another Year,  Another Railroad Maintenance Season

Another Year, Another Railroad Maintenance Season

The transition from winter season into production season requires a lot of hard work and dedication from maintenance crews. Ties undergo their notorious freeze-thaw cycle, turning soft and loosening spikes from their holes. Railroad grade crossings fall victim to the freeze-thaw cycle as well by the expansion and cracking of road surfaces, only made worse by salt. Quick solutions to these issues are imperative so little to no production time is lost.

- Spikefast ES-50 -

Spikefast Tie Plugging Compound

Rather than replacing the entire tie after winter, Spikefast ES-50 is the ideal tie remediation method. It is a two-part, non-foam, polyurethane resin designed to plug holes and splits in wood ties by deeply penetrating cracks, voids and crevices. Spikefast sets up quickly, allowing spikes to be anchored just 10 minutes after application, and has a 20% greater pullout resistance than new hardwood.

- Why Choose Spikefast ES-50 -

• Ready to be spiked 10 minutes after application

• 20% greater pullout resistance than new hardwood
• Apply in heavy rain or humidity, and extreme temperatures (-40°F to 180°F)

• Free-flowing material deeply penetrates wood cracks and crevices, & prevents future tie rot
• Displaces standing water

• Proven to outperform traditional methods in both pullout and lateral resistance
- Distressed Pavement Repair Railroad Kit -

Distressed Pavement Repair Patching

For a permanent and quick crossing repair, use FastPatch Distressed Pavement Repair (DPR) Railroad Kit - a cold-applied repair method perfect for post-winter road patching. It is an easy-to-install, impact-absorbent and long-lasting fix for distressed asphalt or concrete grade crossings yielding a return to service in under an hour, increasing safety to maintenance workers. 

- Why Choose DPR -

• Permanent solution lasting as long as surrounding concrete or asphalt

• 100% solid polymer blend of recycled and renewable materials - “Go Green” friendly
• Return to service in under 1 hour

• Cold applied, no water necessary
• Freeze-thaw resistant

• Impact absorbent and highly adhesive
• Fast-curing accelerator (‘Kicker’) included

• All items needed for repair included in the bucket

Also, by keeping your maintenance trucks stocked with replacement wear parts, you can ensure little to no production time is lost due to worn parts. 

Work Equipment Wear Parts

With over 50 years of railroad industry experience, Industry Railway is here to help enable a smooth transition into the demanding maintenance season. Contact Us, or Call our team at (630) 766-5708 with any product questions or inquiries. 

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