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New Battery Operated Railroad Torque Wrench

New Battery Operated Railroad Torque Wrench

Battery Operated Railroad Torque WrenchGone are the days when the railroads needed multiple maintenance workers with six-foot cheater bars and brute strength to properly torque track fasteners. Introducing the newest compact solution; the cordless, battery-operated Gedore LDA-40 torque wrench. 

"In lab testings of the LDA-40, we have been able to perform over 100 torque applications to 2,400 ft/lbs on just one fully charged battery," said Eren Reddick, Industry-Railway Suppliers' Product Manager.

The Gedore LDA-40 is capable of applying 320 to 2,950 ft/lbs (430 - 4,000 NM) in one simple and self-contained package. The adjustable dial and two-speed transmission allow users to easily select the desired torque. Once the selected torque is reached, the tool reverses, releasing all tension and allowing easy removal of the socket. 

Custom Reaction Arm

By using the custom reaction arm, all of the torque forces are directed back into the adjacent fasteners or structure eliminating any kickback on the tool. The brushless motor technology allows the LDA-40 to remain at full strength until the battery is fully discharged.

This easily-portable torque wrench will greatly reduce your time on track for maintenance. And because it facilitates proper torquing of fasteners, will reduce loose and broken bolts thereby increasing your necessary track maintenance intervals as well. Use this tool in conjunction with the patented J. Lanfranco THU locknuts to virtually eliminate loose fasteners all together.

Gedore LDA-40 comes supplied with the following:

  • Custom reaction arm
  • 3 lithium ion batteries
  • Battery wall charger
  • Protective case
  • Factory certificate of calibration

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