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Advanced Spike Puller Workhead Yielded 3x Longer Repair Cycle

Advanced Spike Puller Workhead Yielded 3x Longer Repair Cycle

The Swingmaster Spike Puller Workhead (SSPW) is a more robust and precise upgrade to the OEM unit. The increased size of its spotting and pulling shafts completely eliminate slop while pulling or spotting on railroad spikes. Its larger bore cylinder is lewis bolt ready, and improves the pulling sequence by eliminating the need to rock the workhead back and forth.

Swingmaster Spike Puller Workhead

The SSPW’s dual, independent claw cylinders improve efficiency by allowing for independent controls, so operators can now pull line or anchor spikes at the same time. The increased diameter of the ACME rod eliminates play, and the unique design keeps all pulling forces away from the adjustment rod allowing the parallel shafts to take all of the forces

Swingmaster Spike Puller Workhead

The increased width of the claw arm and larger bearing surface greatly improves wear and precision as well. The SSPW also uses a hydraulic remote lock-up standard eliminating the possibility of slipping as the operator travels down the track. The durability of the SSPW’s advanced design has thus far yielded a 3 times longer repair cycle over the OEM.

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