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The 'fIRSt' Chicago Railroad Show

The 'fIRSt' Chicago Railroad Show

Industry-Railway Suppliers held the first ever Chicago Railroad Show outside our headquarters in Elmhurst, IL on September 22nd and 23rd. The maintenance-of-way product showcase displayed track maintenance tools and large equipment from many companies including Willamette Valley Co., Ajax Tools, Enerpac, Pandrol/Rosenqvist/Matweld, Norton Saint Gobain, Swingmaster Corp, J. Lanfranco Fasteners, Turtle Plastics, Postle Industries Inc., Forrest Paint, Supertrak and Abloy.

The Chicago Railroad Show introduced various new products to the railroad industry as well including Swingmaster’s brand new Tie Manager tie crane, Matweld battery-powered tools, a thermal oxy-lance from Postle Industries, Inc. that can slice through rail in 25 seconds, the Insulated Joint End-Post Repair from Willamette Valley with a 5-minute cure time and Abloy’s Protec2 Cliq high-security lock electronically-controlled from anywhere and more.

Large production equipment was staged throughout the show as well for hands-on learning including Swingmaster’s new Tie Manager tie crane, the Swingmaster Rail Threader (SRT)improved workheads for spike drivers and spike pullers, Swingmaster maintenance-free axle assemblies, the Swingloader 180-20, along with Rosenqvist’s SB60 Tie Replacer and CD200 Clip Drivers.

Various companies also performed live product demonstrations (below).

“It was fantastic to be together again visiting with our customers and OEM partners. The railroad industry is surely evolving quickly as witnessed in this week's product demonstrations by our OEM partners. I appreciate everyone who supported the event. Looking forward to the next Chicago Railroad Show,” said Scott Commo, President of Industry-Railway Suppliers.

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