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SB60 Wins for 2021 Best Product in Rail

SB60 Wins for 2021 Best Product in Rail

A 2021 winner for Best Maintenance of Way Product in Rail from Progressive Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards is the Rosenqvist SB60 Tie Replacer. The SB60 is a powerful and highly-versatile piece of track maintenance equipment designed to provide safe and efficient replacement of concrete or wood ties. This single attachment will all-in-one remove and/or replace the ballast, and dig out and replace the tie.

SB60 Tie Replacer

The SB60 has a tilt and rotate function so ties can be replaced from the side of track or between the rails in close clearance areas such as tunnels and station platform areas.

Rotator head of SB60 Tie Replacer

With its unique, single-attachment design fulfilling all its duties, this Tie Replacer fits most tie types, both wood and concrete, and a wide variety of track gauges.

True to its brand, the SB60 is durable and precise in its handling of the ties allowing for reduced labor time and manpower on track therefore lowering costs and reducing risk to your maintenance crews. The SB60 can also be outfitted with an optional Automaster attachment for automatic clipping of Pandrol Fast Clip fasteners.

  • All-in-one - remove & replace the ballast, and dig out & replace tie
  • Quick and safe replacement of ties
  • Replace ties from the side of the track
  • Replace ties from between rail in close clearance areas
  • Single attachment
  • Fits wood and concrete ties and tracks of all gauges
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Optional Automaster for automatic clipping of fasteners

In just one minute, the SB60 digs out the ballast, removes the tie, replaces the tie and clips the tie...

To learn more about Industry-Railway Supplier's SB60, or for business inquiries:  Email Us or Call our experienced customer support team at (630) 766-5708.

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