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Rail Laying Made Easy

Rail Laying Made Easy

Railroad production season is chugging along nicely. New and relay rail is being laid all across the country. When it comes to the cumbersome task of rail threading, quick, precision and efficiency is the name of the game.

Swingmaster Rail Threader SRT

Meet the behemoth, the Swingmaster Rail Threader - the SRT. A quick and extremely precise method of threading rail, and the newest addition to Swingmaster's product line. At the SRT's boom tip, the rail-threading workhead utilizes a 4-axis, electronically-controlled, hydraulic manipulator head, which allows for complete control of the rail threading operation. The SRT also possesses a dual operator station allowing for even more control from either side of the machine giving the operator a clear view of the rail being threaded.

Swingmaster Rail Threader SRT

The boom swing stops prevent fouling of adjacent track, therefore the SRT can lay rail and still have a live adjacent railway with trains passing safely. And its Stage V engine along with its compact size yields a smaller footprint as well. The SRT’s shorter wheelbase allows for quick on and off tracking, and this machine eliminates the need for specially trained crane operators and recertification of cranes.

"The rail installation into curve blocks is the real technology advancement of the machine. The control and sensitivity of the manipulator head is at the heart of the technology." - Jason Fuessel, Swingmaster Engineer.

To inquire about the SRT or learn more, contact us HERE or give us a call (630) 766-5708.

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