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How to Prepare for Post-Winter Crossing Damage

How to Prepare for Post-Winter Crossing Damage

The winter season wreaks havoc on roads. The effect of the repeated freeze and thaw cycle expands and cracks road surfaces, and the chemical properties of salt only exacerbate these issues further. Railroad crossings are subjected to the same damage.

Before a Class One railroad install of Railroad DPRWhen spring arrives, quick crossing repair methods are necessary to avoid large traffic and train interruptions with cumbersome machines and applicators to replace crossings.

Cold patching is the traditional quick asphalt and concrete patching method, but has its downfalls. It is viewed as a temporary fix because it doesn’t provide a tight enough seal to prevent future moisture penetration. Also, the composition of cold patching is not impact resistant, and will not stand up to the rigors of frequent traffic.

- Problem with traditional cold-patching method -

  • Temporary fix as there is no seal to prevent future moisture penetration
  • Not impact resistant

FastPatch Distressed Pavement Repair (DPR) is a quick but also permanent cold-applied crossing repair method for post-winter patching. It is an easy-to-install, impact-absorbent and long-lasting repair method for distressed asphalt or concrete grade crossings yielding a return to service in under an hour.

- Benefits of FastPatch DPR -

+ Permanent solution lasting just as long as the concrete/asphalt surrounding it

+ 100% solid polymer blend of recycled and renewable materials - “Go Green” friendly

+ Return to service in just 1 hour

+ Cold applied, and no water necessary

+ Freeze-thaw resistant

+ Impact absorbent and highly adhesive

+ Fast-curing accelerator (‘Kicker’) included

+ Cost saving

+ Increased safety to traffic and maintenance workers

+ All items needed for repair included in the bucket

After a Class One railroad install of Railroad DPR

A Class One railroad engineering employee remarked on his use of 14 buckets of DPR to repair a high-traffic railroad crossing.

“We chose this crossing due to the traffic volume as well as the severe failure of the concrete knowing that the conditions would really challenge the product, and if successful would save us substantial time and money in closures and repairs. My guess is there are 750 plus vehicles per day over this crossing with over 50% being semi trucks.”

“I have inspected the crossing several times as recently as 2 weeks ago and have not had any failures. The DPR is still holding in place and allowing traffic to run as normal.”

“I am extremely impressed with the DPR and how it is holding up. The cost savings alone is a huge benefit and the possibilities when using this on crossings that are not as far gone as even this trial crossing, are endless.”

Public safety was the driving demand for the invention of the Railroad DPR Kit because of the increased push in ADA compliance at hazardous grade crossings. DPR can also be applied to parking lots, sidewalks, curbs, roadways, bridges and even warehouses because of its odorless, no-VOC properties.

Railroad DPR Kit

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