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Behind the Scenes: IRS and J.Lanfranco Video Shoot

Behind the Scenes: IRS and J.Lanfranco Video Shoot

Elmhurst, IL- This week our partners J.Lanfranco Fastener Systems Inc. visited the IRS headquarters to make an instructional video for locknut installation. It can be difficult to get video or pictures of products in action on work sites with the added factors of trains and deadlines. By having our own test site, IRS and J.Lanfranco were able to capture how to correctly install locknuts, so users can see them in action and avoid mistakes.

The added feature of Pandrol hydraulic tools allowed the locknuts to be installed at a faster rate. Pandrol hydraulic tools were used to make the holes in the rail for the locknuts and secure them into place. As the video will show, the added power of hydraulics allowed the locknut process to be quick and easy.

The shoot definitely went smoothly, said Eren Reddick, product manager at IRS, Things can be difficult on sites this time of year with unpredictable weather, but we luckily had a beautiful day and the right tools to get the job done.

Want to see the video? It will be available at NRC 2019! Make sure to stop by both the IRS and J.Lanfranco booths in order to see for yourself how efficient J.Lanfronco locknuts and Pandrol's machinery can be.

Have an instruction video you want to see? Send an email to with your ideas!

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