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Work Smarter Not Harder: The Tie Replacer SB60

Work Smarter Not Harder: The Tie Replacer SB60

On any work site there is always the goal of getting the job done as safely, quickly, and as cost effectively as possible. But, when multiple high demand jobs need work simultaneously, it can be hard to prioritize which one of these goals comes first.

One of these tough jobs -tie replacing- has new technology that is simplifying its process in a safe, fast way. The Rosenqvist Tie Replacer SB60 comes equipped with special design features that allow it to tilt and rotate. This allows this high-performance machine to change ties from the middle or side of the track as required. It is designed to move effectively and to recess the ballast, making this tie replacer more versatile and increasing output, while still offering a cost effective and safe working solution.

The SB60 is faster, safer, fully compliant, and more cost effective than other tie removal methods. Only two to three people are required to unclip, pack and reclip, meaning there is not only reduced health and safety hazards, but this also allows for more manpower on other projects. This productive equipment is compatible with most types of ties to provide maximum flexibility.

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