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April Featured Supplier of the Month: Lansing Forge Inc.

April Featured Supplier of the Month: Lansing Forge Inc.

About Lansing Forge, Inc.Lansing Forge was founded in 1956 as a small blacksmith shop producing hand made tongs for the forging industry. LFI still provides those same tongs to the forgers of the world and has also developed a line of heavy industrial hand tools including crow, pry and wrecking bars, hooks, chisels, scrapers, wrenches, hammers and lifting devices to name a few. For the Railroad Industry LFI produces a full line of non percussion track tools along with many specials to suit the needs of today's railroader. In addition, LFI produces specialty items for many markets including:


-Waterworks and Plumbing




-General Heavy Industry

LFI offers a blend of forging, machining and fabricating which enables them to offer a wide variety of items to suit applications across many industries. They also have the capabilities to react to specific customer needs and provide that specialty item to get the job done.Relationships are key to our long term success at Lansing Forge and our partnership with Industry-Railway Suppliers is a pillar I feel we can build on for years to come. - John Mosholder, LFI President

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Family owned company

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