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10 Products to Win This Winter

10 Products to Win This Winter

While the first day of fall has just passed, it is never too soon to start preparing for what's to come next. With winter right around the corner, many of our customers will soon be experiencing sub-zero temperatures, blizzards, and ice conditions across the country. We specialize in seasonal products such as FireSnake, switch brooms, liquid de-icer, and steel snow shovels. Here's our recommendation of the top 10 products for a smooth winter:

1. FireSnake®

The convenient 10 foot lengths make heating rail to expand joints for repair a safer job for workers and a cleaner job for the environment. FireSnake® is a smokeless, easy to use, safe replacement for the old repair method of diesel rope.

Burns clean with little smoke
Environmentally safe
Packaging designed for safe use by rail maintenance workers
10 foot lengths easy to work with
Workers choose how much to use to get the rail hot
Metal bucket is re-useable for tools and other hauling needs in the fild

2. Switch Broom

The classic switch broom works great for clearing snow and ice from switches and frogs. It contains updated heavy duty polypropylene bristles with a forged steel chisel on the opposite end to help break up ice in switches. Replace that worn out old broom today!

3. RR Winterizer

RR WINTERIZER will help make that tough job of clearing frozen switches and railroad crossings easy. Pre-apply before the weather hits to get a jump start on keeping switches and crossings clear.

Available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, or 265 gallon totes in concentrated form.

Apply product to locks, hinges, fences, trailers & hitches, hydraulic connections, waterways & culverts, derails, frozen pipes, lavatories, railcar running boards, railcar gates, locomotive walkways, sliding door tracks, loading dock-belt conveyors, chains, sprockets, railroad crossings.

A multi-use and environmentally friendly liquid winterizing product.

4. Pull Apart Rope

The original rail heating method. Economical and reliable way to take care of pull aparts in remote locations without the need for complicated equipment.
1'' Diameter (125'' Per Case)

5. Pull Apart Rope Can

Convenient and safe way to store your rope away from the elements and potential fire hazards. Don't get caught with a wet rope!

6. Switch Heater Can

Helps to keep your switches clear of snow and ice no matter where the location. Easy to use without requiring any gas or electricity to operate. Great backup just in case your in track heater goes down. Don't get left out in the cold!

Hi-Ball 18'' Long 6'' High, complete with wick (10 Per Carton)

7. Steel Snow Shovel

Heavy gauge steel to deal with the toughest conditions. This shovel is sized perfectly to get your snow removal job done quickly and efficiently.

Size #2 Blade With 48'' Handle

8. Starter Fluid

If you do have to use some gas powered tools this winter, be prepared with Penray starter fluid. This high ether content fluid gives fast and easy starts in seconds. For use in gasoline or diesel engines. Ideal for cars, trucks, tractors, generators, buses, marine engines, outboards and power mowers. provides upper cylinder lubrication.

9. Air Wand

The air wand is perfect for blowing snow and debris from switches.

10. Hydraulic Saw

Don't fight starting that gas powered tool in the cold, upgrade to the heavy duty Pandrol/Matweld reversible saw. This saw can cut rail from either side of the rail safely without disconnecting or realignment; simply pivoting the saw to the other side of the rail provides the flexibility and safety that is needed on track.

Contact our expert customer service or sales team with any questions related to our seasonal products.

These recommendations are for informational purposes only. Always follow the procedures mandated by your railroad.

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