Vehicle Battery Charger - M18 & M12 Batteries

SKU: MIL48591810
1.80 LBS

If you are looking for a way to charge your battery packs without interrupting your productivity, the M18™ / M12™ vehicle charger from Industry-Railway Suppliers might be the solution you need. This vehicle charger is designed for reliability and top performance. It allows users to charge their batteries on the go from the direct current (DC) outlet of any vehicle. The M18™ / M12™ cross-section charger delivers full system compatibility and can charge all M12™ and M18™ battery packs.

In addition, this vehicle charger can plug into 12V or 24V DC vehicle outlets, enabling you to be always prepared for your next job. Since it charges a range of batteries, you can remain productive on railroad jobs that require tools with a combination of M18 and M12 Industry-Railway cordless power tools. Furthermore, this vehicle charger charges battery packs in sequence to help cut the time you spend managing charge cycles.

The M18™ / M12™ vehicle charger uses the REDLINK™ technology to communicate promptly with the battery pack to monitor temperature levels, cell voltage, and charge status to maximize performance and enhance the battery's life. This provides an effective way to ensure a complete charge while protecting the battery. The charger also features an auto-shut electronic protective measure that halts the vehicle battery when the pack is fully charged to avoid excessive discharge of vehicle battery.


    • (1) M18™ / M12™ Vehicle Charger
  • Vehicle charging – Plug into 12V and 24V DC Outlet
  • Battery System – M18 & M12
  • Utilizes REDLINK™ technology to protect life of battery
  • Weight – 45 lbs