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Many aspects of the railroad industry have changed materially since it was first constructed many years ago, but some have not—namely, many areas of track are still remote and therefore poorly lit, requiring engineers and other track maintenance crews to use effective portable lighting solutions such as prism, strobe & LED work lights during times when repair or construction are necessary.

Luckily, at Industry-Railway Suppliers, we have more than one LED light tower for sale to help illuminate the track whatever the trouble may be, or to signal to others that something is amiss. When something goes wrong on the track in the thick of the night, a sign is not likely to draw attention until it’s already too late, but a light certainly will.

We offer a number of inflatable lights and prism lights, and LED worksite lighting systems that can make it easier to fix an isolated issue during the cover of darkness. Just as importantly, IRS is proud to provide various warning and strobe lights, alerting those in surrounding areas that workers are on the tracks ahead. This helps to keep everyone safe regardless of the time of day.

Since 1966, Industry-Railway Suppliers has worked to bring the best possible LED lighting products for tracks and additional services to railroad professionals; we’ve watched the industry grow and evolve, but we have maintained our own sense of pride and loyalty to our customers.

Today, our offerings may be more modern than ever, but we operate with the same commitment to the hardworking professionals that have enabled our success. Whether you need a small lighting solution for quick repairs, a large system that will illuminate an entire construction area, or a flashing set of colored strobes to ensure safety, IRS can help.

Browse our LED track lighting products or reach out to one of our qualified customer support staff and let us lighten your day with exactly the solution you’ve been searching for.

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