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Railroad Tools and Solutions Joins Railway Supply Group!

Railroad Tools and Solutions Joins Railway Supply Group!

In August, Industry-Railway Suppliers happily welcomed our newest sister company to the Railway Supply Group– Railroad Tools and Solutions! Railway Supply Group’s acquisition of Railroad Tools and Solutions is the sixth company to join the group, along with Industry-Railway Suppliers, Unity Railway Supply, Ireco, Wichita Railway Services and Davanac.

“I am delighted to have Railroad Tools and Solutions Inc. join the Railway Supply Group. Wayne and his team have built a solid and growing business since it began over 20 years ago. I am very excited to welcome Railroad Tools and Solutions into our family,” said Bill O’Connor, Chairman and CEO of Railway Supply Group.

Railroad Tools and Solutions (RRTS) was founded in 2003 by Wayne Cash and Bill Bear when they identified an untapped market in the railroad industry; an ecommerce railroad tool store. Along with their ecommerce website, RRTS has a warehousing and distribution operation located in Cincinnati, Ohio and a highly-experienced customer service department led by industry veteran and owner himself, Wayne Cash.
Cash's partner Stephanie, Wayne Cash, Bill Bear

“This acquisition will allow Railroad Tools and Solutions to work within a larger group to broaden our offering and provide more convenience for our customers now and in the future. Our family is proud to be a part of Railway Supply Group,” said Wayne Cash, President of Railroad Tools and Solutions, Inc.

The company began with a focus on maintenance-of-way track tools because those were the products Wayne Cash saw the biggest need for during his prior 25 years of experience in the field. Throughout the years though, RRTS has expanded their product line into other departments as well including railcar, locomotive, signaling and track safety arenas.

“We largely have our customers to thank for expanding our product offerings into other parts of the industry. My dad has always been happy to tap into our sources and wide range of vendors to try to find any requested item for a customer,” said Alex Cash Kandrach, Wayne Cash’s daughter who has been working with RRTS for over a decade. “It has earned us a lot of loyal customers over the years.”

Not only is their large catalog of high-quality rail products the perfect addition to the Railway Supply Group, but RRTS’ company values, industry experience and dedication to their customers is what impressed us most, and greatly supports the objectives of the Railway Supply Group.

RRTS Holiday Party

– How Railroad Tools & Solutions Came To Be –

  • In 1978, Wayne Cash decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, and began his railroad industry career with C&O in West Virginia on a section gang then worked in reclamation at CSX in Barboursville, WV.
  • Cash met co-owner Bill Bear in 1994 when Cash opened a trackwork shop for Progress Rail. Bear had a machine shop at the time and would do contract work for Cash’s shop.
  • Together, Cash and Bear identified a missed opportunity in the railroad industry, an ecommerce railroad tool store, and decided to start their own.
  • In 2003, RRTS opened the first-ever maintenance-of-way ecommerce store.

– A Closer Look Inside RRTS –

  • RRTS is a small, family-owned and operated company located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • The railroad industry spans three generations of the Cash family.
  • Some RRTS employees are family and the rest have become like family spending the majority of their career with RRTS.
  • RRTS is dedicated to their customers and that is made evident by their exceptional customer service department whose reputation speaks for itself. Wayne Cash, who had 25 years of railroad industry experience prior to opening RRTS, runs the department. 
  • They celebrated 20 years of business this past April.
RRTS team outing at the Reds' game

Welcome to the RSG family, Railroad Tools and Solutions! We could not be more excited for this significant gain to the group and our bright future ahead together.

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