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Partners and Planning for 2019

Partners and Planning for 2019

This past month, the IRS team met in our Elmhurst, IL headquarters for a few days of product training and strategy planning. Our partners SuperTrak and J.Lanfranco joined us for a day to acquaint us with some of their new product offerings. The second day of this strategy planning was partaking in our yearly group discussion which allows for an overall assessment of our company's position and direction in the market.

J.Lanfranco dual-slotted locknuts are based on depitched rather than distorted or deformed threads. As a result, they provide highly consistent, repeatable, and reliable self-locking torque that's independent of bolt tension.

SUPERTRAK is a CAT authorized OEM located in Punta Gorda, FL. Over the past 30+ years, SUPERTRAK has built numerous custom machines to meet their customers needs including heavy-duty trenchers, custom utility trucks, cable retrieval equipment, monorail work tractors, and vegetation management equipment. They have the capability to design machines from the ground up. They specialize in upfitting machines and powerpacks to allow more performance from smaller footprint machinery.

Members of the SUPERTRAK and J.Lanfranco teams informed IRS employees on not only their products, but how best to train others in the field through videos, demonstrations, and collaboration.

After a day of meeting with new partners, all members of the IRS team were invited to partake in the analysis. By having employees from all departments and experience levels participate, there was a diverse view that uncovered both benefits and disadvantages of our business, and how to best move these partnerships forward. For more information on SUPERTRAK, J.Lanfranco, or any of our other suppliers please feel free to contact us.

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