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October Featured Supplier of the Month: FORREST Technical Coatings

October Featured Supplier of the Month: FORREST Technical Coatings

Our October Supplier of the Month is FORREST Technical Coatings.

About FORREST Technical Coatings

FORREST Technical Coatings was founded in 1973 in Eugene, Oregon as a responsive and innovative manufacturer of specialty coatings and other niche products to industrial and consumer markets. Their customer base includes OEMs, distributors, and contractors; regionally, nationally, and internationally. They offer a wide variety of liquid and powder coatings, with the ability to custom formulate products to meet specific customer needs. They are a leader in high performance coatings for use on wood, metal and plastics. FORREST Technical Coatings has a trusted global reputation, and currently serve customers on five continents through more than twelve warehouses worldwide. Forrest Paint offers extensive technical support to customers. The laboratory consists of specialists in metal, wood, and powder coatings. Liquid products include: UV Cured, Water Reducible, Low VOC, Low HAPS, Epoxies, Urethanes, Primers, and many other products engineered for specific applications. The powder coatings line includes standard chemistries as well as leading edge technologies. Forrest Paint is a pro-active, ecologically responsible, manufacturing company. They pride themselves on compliance with all regulations concerning safety, labeling, and environmental laws. FORREST Technical Coatings has demonstrated a record of leadership in these areas, and maintains a commitment to be at the forefront of environmental stewardship.

FireSnake Rail Heater

FireSnake is one of FORREST Technical Coating's main products we distribute. It is a smokeless, easy to use, safe replacement for the old repair method of diesel rope.

Benefits of the FireSnake Rail Heater:

  • Burns clean with little smoke
  • Environmentally safe
  • Packaging designed for safe use by rail maintenance workers
  • 10 foot lengths easy to work with
  • Workers choose how much to use to get the rail hot
  • Metal bucket is re-usable for tools and other hauling needs in the field

FireSnake was featured on the television show, Railroad Alaska. Take a look at the video below. 

Watch the full video in action.

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