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Norton QC & NEW Abrasive Bond Technology Testing

Norton QC & NEW Abrasive Bond Technology Testing

It was a fun day when Norton Abrasives came to Industry-Railway Suppliers to test their newest bond technology that is currently in its research and development phase.

Norton also executed their annual performance testing on various specs of their rail cut-off wheels. Norton performs quality control testing at IRS annually to verify performance standards of their line of cut-off wheels.

As a distributor of tools and equipment for an industry that places safety as priority number one, we know how important regular performance testing of railroad products is.

When Norton executes quality control testing on the performance of their rail cut-off wheels, there are 3 main points of evaluation:

  1. How quickly it cuts through rail
  2. How easily it cuts through rail
  3. Wheel durability/longevity

2022 Testing

Norton’s QC evaluation details:

  • 16” rail cut-off wheels tested including some new-bond-technology wheels
  • Cuts made using a Pandrol Hydraulic Rail Saw
  • Cuts made on higher hardness rail
  • Cuts performed by multiple operators of varying skill levels


The 16” wheels maintained consistent high-performance among numerous operators of varying experience levels. Though the exact results of the new-bond-technology wheels cannot yet be officially released because the wheels are still in R&D, the performance of the new bond technology yielded exceptional results.

Today’s QC test proved once again that a single Norton cut-off wheel provides the highest number of cuts yielding the lowest cost per cut to the end user. 

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