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Norton Conducts Annual QC Testing on Cut-Off Wheels

Norton Conducts Annual QC Testing on Cut-Off Wheels

Industry-Railway Suppliers had Norton Saint Gobain over to IRS headquarters to conduct performance testing on Norton rail cut-off wheels. Norton executes quality control testing at IRS annually to verify performance standards on their line of cut-off wheels. As a distributor of tools and equipment for an industry that places safety as utmost importance, we know that QC testing of railroad products is essential. 

Norton cutting with their 14" rail cut-off wheel

When Norton executes quality control testing on the performance of their rail cut-off wheels, there are three main points of evaluation: how quickly it cuts through rail, how easily it cuts through rail, and wheel durability/longevity. 

Norton 14" rail cut-off wheel loaded on Pandrol rail saw

2020 QC Results

This year Norton tested the quality of their 14 inch rail cut-off wheels on higher hardness rail. Multiple operators of various skill levels performed the tests. The QC testing revealed that the wheels were able to maintain consistently high-performance among numerous operators of varying experience levels.


Optimum performance was achieved on today’s higher hardness rail confirming once again that Norton wheels provide a consistently higher number of cuts yielding the lowest cost per cut.

14 inch Norton rail cut-off wheel quickly and easily cuts through higher hardness rail.

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