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IRS goes to CSX's 2022 Welders' Training Meeting

IRS goes to CSX's 2022 Welders' Training Meeting

IRS attended CSX’s 2022 week-long Welding Managers’ Training Meeting and Welding Tool Rodeo at the CSX Redi Center in Atlanta the other week. It was such a fun, interactive and highly educational week to be included in.

The week started with us learning from some of the best of CSX about the complex and potentially dangerous process of welding rail.

(Left) CSX Welding Managers Doug Monday and Cullen Huntly speaking to trainees. (Right) Redi Center Manager, Richard Pye discussing with IRS Key Account Manager, Tommy Wooten.

CSX Welding Managers Cullen Huntly, Doug Monday and Sean Darby, and CSX Redi Center Managers, Dan Cohen, Robert Eagle, Richard Pye and Andy Matthews conducted the trainings throughout the week.

The Managers rigorously educated and trained attendees on the demanding processes involved in welding rail, from start to finish. A true art form.

CSX Welding Manager Cullen Huntly instructing on how to properly pack a thermit weld.

With their guidance, the managers encouraged everyone to get hands-on in the welding process, coaching on best practices for any of the multitude of tools demonstrated at the CSX Redi Center that week.

CSX's Abby Morris (left) welding a frog using Postle Frogtuff Electrodes and (right) operating an Enerpac 120-ton Rail Puller.

Later that week, IRS attended the CSX Welding Tool Rodeo along with our partners– Milwaukee ToolPostle IndustriesPandrolNorton and Enerpac who were able to discuss many of their tools that are integral to the welding process of rail.

Though I don’t think I’ll attempt welding rail at home any time soon, after that week, I’m pretty confident I could. Thank you so much for having us and our partners, CSX. What an unforgettable week it was.

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