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A New State-of-The-Art Tie Crane

A New State-of-The-Art Tie Crane

Introducing the newest material handling machine manufactured and designed by Swingmaster; the Swingmaster Tie Manager (STM). 

The STM is a state-of-the-art tie crane that was carefully designed based on a wide range of feedback from tie crane operators. This valuable feedback is why Swingmaster decided to design their own tie crane and ensure that it includes unique components that increase safety, ergonomics and control, lower daily operating costs, and increase machine longevity.

With its non DEF, Tier 4 final, Cummins power unit, the STM yields lower daily operating costs and more long-term reliability. The Cummins power unit offers tight control over the HP demands on the engine and fine control of the work and propel functions. In the event of an engine failure, the power unit has an emergency hydraulic pump that allows all functions of the STM to remain operational.

Another key component is the positioning of both the offset telescopic jib boom and machine-centered cab. Not only does the offset boom and centralized cab improve operator visibility on either side of the cab, but it also helps keep operator focus straight ahead reducing fatigue. The jib boom has an increased reach diagram and offers increased control of tie-to-tie tasks.

The operator control and customization system is unmatched. The STM’s control center, managed via a 12-inch touchscreen and ergonomic joysticks, provides full point-to-point machine diagnostics aiding in troubleshooting to maximize machine uptime. The control center is loaded with customizable features as well to improve operator efficiency. The STM has a 360-degree camera display providing the operator with complete awareness of their immediate surroundings.

The STM’s spacious cab was carefully designed as well for operator comfort. It has ducted heating, cooling and defrost powered by a Visionaire HVAC unit, abundant storage locations, and integrated LED-lit stairwells and handrails for stable ingress and egress of the cab.

Other notable safety features include the STM’s proportional failsafe, spring-applied, hydraulic released brakes, its integrated swing stops for working near obstacles or live adjacent track, and LED lighting on all cab corners that improve visibility for anyone on or near the machine.

Watch a full video on the Swingmaster Tie Manager STM


Swingmaster has provided the rail industry with specialized and custom-engineered material handling products since 1985 and all of their machines are made in the USA. They’re a leading producer of mobile hi-rail Swingloaders, innovative aftermarket solutions, and machine upgrades.

Industry-Railway Suppliers is the distribution representative for Swingmaster. Please call us at 630-766-5708 or contact us if you have any questions or inquiries on the STM or other maintenance-of way-solutions.

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