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Chicago Railroad Show 2024: Pioneering the Future of MOW

Chicago Railroad Show 2024: Pioneering the Future of MOW

Industry-Railway Suppliers (IRS) proudly hosted our third Chicago Railroad Show (CRS) at our headquarters in Elmhurst, IL on May 1st and May 2nd, 2024.  This private event brought together railroad industry leaders and enthusiasts to experience the latest advancements in maintenance-of-way solutions in an intimate setting. 

CRS was a dynamic showcase of cutting-edge MOW tools and equipment from our reputable manufacturing partners including ROBEL North America, Milwaukee Tool, Pandrol, Rosenqvist, Enerpac, Postalloy by Postle, J. Lanfranco Fasteners, Swingmaster Corp., Norton Abrasives, Holemaker Technology (HMT), Ajax Tool Works, and Tamco Tools.

Attendees immersed themselves in engaging product presentations and live demonstrations, unveiling state-of-the-art solutions and timeless MOW essentials. Industry-Railway Suppliers' newly constructed 80-foot standard track panel, featuring half concrete and half wood ties, was a showstopper. This provided an on-track experience for attendees, who had the unique opportunity to get hands-on with the latest MOW tools in a real-world setting.Rosenqvist had a spectacular display on the panel, live-demonstrating the groundbreaking CD400SP-IQ. This self-propelled, intelligent clip driver operates hands-free with a wireless Bluetooth remote control, highlighting unparalleled railroad technology.ROBEL North America made a significant impact with their extensive display of battery and gas-powered tools. They demonstrated their Rail De-Stressing Machine, Modular Rail and Switch Grinding Machine, Vertical Tamper, Rail Saw, and more, proving they are a formidable force in the industry for portable battery and gas-powered tools.There was no shortage of sparks with the addition of Postalloy by Postle's demonstration of their unmatched FrogTuff welding wire and the Uni-lance Exothermic Cutting Lance that cut through rail in seconds.

Pandrol demonstrated their battery-powered HFP 36V High Flow Preheater—featuring automatic ignition, timing, and stop with no need for manual interference, flame adjustment, or oxygen—as well as their battery-powered Eco Shear weld shear.Milwaukee Tool presented their versatile MX, M18, and M12 Fuel line of battery tools. A new IRS tool, the TampDriver was on display as well—a fusion of the Milwaukee breaker, a tamper, and spike driver all-in-one mobile tool.Enerpac unveiled their enhanced TL248 track lifting system with 248-ton lifting capacity, among other new lifting and battery torque wrench kits. J. Lanfranco Fasteners discussed their self-locking track fasteners that greatly reduce track maintenance time and stress.Holemaker Technology (HMT) demonstrated their patented line of powerful drilling and tapping solutions from their VersaDrive line, impressing attendees with the strength and durability of the VersaDrive tools.

The impressive lineup by Swingmaster included their Tie Manager, Swingloader, Tie Grapple, Maintenance-Free Axle Assemblies, Spike Puller Workhead, and Spike Cab Enclosure Kit, embodying robustness and ingenuity in MOW equipment.
The event was further enriched with live demos of Holland's new sustainable battery-powered Hybrid MobileWelder, and tours of the IRS 90,000 square-foot warehouse giving a behind-the-scenes look into our comprehensive operation.

The grand finale of CRS 2024 was the Chicago Cubs Rooftop Party, providing an unforgettable classic Chicago experience for attendees during the Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers game in Wrigleyville.

The 2024 Chicago Railroad Show was a testament to the evolution of railroad maintenance. It was filled with camaraderie, enriching discussions, and awe of how far this time-tested industry has come. Until the next CRS, we'll forge ahead, pushing the boundaries in maintenance-of-way and striving to keep MOW workers on the 'right track.'
Thank you to everyone who joined us for this year's Chicago Railroad Show. If you have any questions of inquiries on the products featured at the 2024 Chicago Railroad Show, please call Industry-Railway Suppliers' customer service department at (630) 766-5708.


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