Hydraulic Tools

As every industry professional knows well, railroad maintenance of way (MOW) projects are constant and ongoing—there’s always some way to improve the track itself, or the communications and signaling systems that it utilizes for enhanced safety.

Hydraulic welding tools, andother large tools fed by hydraulic power such as railroad spike pullers, stress tensors and hand grinders, can make completing those unending maintenance of way projects a far simpler ordeal. Regardless of the specific project at hand, using hydraulic tools means that you won’t risk overexertion while completing preventative maintenance, repairs, or updates.

Because it would be impossible to lay an entirely new track using a singular strip of metal, sections of rail must be welded together. Continuous welded rail is most commonly used today, and the welding process used involves laying sections of rail, using hydraulic clipping tools to secure that rail to the tie plates, then welding the sections together, and finally grinding and profiling the welded rail.

When inevitable track repairs arise, production gangs and contractors can complete them with tools to make their job easier such as railroad spike pullers, spike drivers, tampers, impact wrenches, hand grinders, or one of the other quality hydraulic tools Industry-Railway Suppliers offers to make maintenance as quick as possible.

At Industry-Railway Suppliers, we’re extremely familiar with the needs of railway workers because we’ve been furnishing them with the best possible tools of the trade since 1966.

While technology has certainly progressed since our business was founded, our commitment to quality and service has held steady. Shop our selection of hydraulic welding tools from railroad spike pullers to stress tensors and more. Reach out to our knowledgeable customer support staff if you need any assistance in making your selection.