Product Information

Cable Management

Short Circuit Protection:

  • Pan-SteelĀ® Self-Locking Cable ties and the MS75 Metal Strapping System can now be used for cable managements applications short circuit protection
  • Significant cost advantage over conventional cable cleats by reducing material cost up to 50% while increasing labor efficiency as much as 200%


Easy-to-use overhead cable management system offers speedy deployment, structural integrity and is designed to route and manage copper, fiber and power cabling.

  • Fast and Easy Assembly: reduces installation time by up to 74%
  • Design Flexibility: optimizes scalability by offering multiple pathway sizes and accessories

Permanent Identification:

  • Long-Term Durability and Legibility: widest range of permanent identification solutions for harsh environments
  • Quick and Easy Identification: with on-site marking tools
  • Reduce Labor Costs: factory custom marking service available to deliver embossed or laser etched identification

Abrasion Protection:

  • Insulate, Protect, Bundle: provide an economical way to color-code components and cable
  • Breadth of Offering: wide variety of sizes, materials and designs are available to meet a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications
  • Regulatory Compliance: designed and manufactured to meet applicable quality standards including UL and CSA

Weather Resistant Cable Ties:

  • Superior Performance: for high moisture, corrosive and low temperature indoor or outdoor applications
  • Cable Tie Of Choice: for making attachments to galvanized surfaces
  • Consistent Performance and Reliability: with one piece construction