Product Information


Designed for high output sleeper laying.

Correct placement of sleepers is ensured by a precision gauging hydraulic system that spreads the sleepers to the desired distance.

Due to an unique linkage system the centre of gravity will not change when spreading the sleepers.


Weight: lb


Product Features:
-Telescopic frame structure makes it compact and easy to manoeuvre safely.
-Eliminates the risk of the unit hanging over adjacent track when grabbing sleepers from a rail cart.
-Prepared for both rotator and rototilt.
-Easy adjusted to fit most type of sleepers.
-Quick change gripping claws.
-Easy to set for different sleeper lengths.
-Gripping claws do not interfere with the ballast by effectively gripping the sleeper ends.
-Suggested carrying machine tonnage 15 ton +.
-60 to 80 metres per hour.

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