Product Information


The Clip Driver CD400SP is a walk-behind machine when clipping and declipping clips of the following types: PANDROL FASTCLIP, PANDROL e-CLIPs, PANDROL PR-clips (PR400 series) and Heyback (clipping), depending on the choice of tool. The power pack can be removed when the CD400 is to be used as a conventional machine with a carrier.

CD400SP is self-propelled with a high-performance Diesel engine, and easy for a single operator to operate via a control panel. From the handheld control panel the operator controls the functions of the Clip Driver CD400 Power Pack e.g. speed,clipping and declipping. The clipping capacity is approximately 25 sleepers per minute.

The machine is CE marked on delivery. From here on the Clip Driver CD400 Power Pack is named only CD400PP.


Weight: lb


Product Features:
-Guiding rollers to centre the machine in work mode for optimum precision.
-Hatz diesel engine with outstanding reliability.
-30 sleepers/min.*

Product Options:
-Can be equipped with a sleeper lift.
-Proximity sensors for automatic clipping of PANDROL FASTCLIP – controlled via the control panel.

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