Product Information

Turtle Trax


Weight: 792lbs


Turtle Trax is an innovative new way to traverse a railroad crossing using a lightweight, safe, portable and reusable system. It is made from a mixture of high and low density polyethylene, 100% recycled plastic (HDPE). The Trax have cylindrical holes in the surface for drainage and weight reduction and the puzzle-like interlock allows modification of both the length and width of the Trax according to customer needs.
Features/ Benefits:
-Portable, temporary
-Dual application
-Durable, ergonomic lightweight modules
-Easy carry size
-Puzzle design locks pieces securely in place
-Multiple options solve any rail crossing obstacle
-Installs in minutes
-Fills a need for the mechanical department-scooter crossing in yards.
-Turtle Trax offers the ability to put multiple sets in place so maintenance vehicles, ATV’s, etc. can easily maneuver congested yards.
-Market factors include reducing down time for crews (for injuries sustained moving heavy steel plates, waiting for help to move the plates, and waiting for a material, such as asphalt, to arrive) and the time consuming activity of adding and removing asphalt to create temporary crossings, as well as prolonged interface with pedestrians during repair jobs.
-No cranes or added lookouts are required when installing the Turtle-Trax product.
-Allows railroad customers to move maintenance vehicles across the track in remote areas much more efficiently than driving miles upon miles to the nearest crossing to move from one side of the track to the other.


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