Meet Our Team

Industry-Railway has an unparalleled team of people who have decades of experience in the railroad industry. Our field sales support team and customer service team both individually possess 40 plus years of railroad industry knowledge.


Chief Executive Officer

Bill O'Connor

Chief Financial Officer

Michael McCammon

Marketing Manager

Kelly Gehr

Customer Service Manager

Ken Isler

Business Support Coordinator

Jack Kuchenbecker

Procurement Coordinator

Taylor Miller

Order Processing & Returns Manager

Lili Velasco

Chief Operating Officer

Marc Trani

Warehouse Manager

Brian Dudzinski

Director of Sales

David Glawe

Director of Information Technology

Dean Karamaniolas

Logistics Manager

Mile Labroski

Customer Service Representative

Bob Nichols

Key Account Manager

Tommy Wooten


Scott Commo

Vice President Commercial Business

Edwin Frobel

Key Account Manager

Darwin Hanneman

Key Account Manager

Sean Keefe

Director of Engineering & Quality Assurance

Brian Maki

Order Processing & Returns Coordinator

Nettie Sanchez