Railroad track fasteners are a broad but vital group of tools in the industry that essentially ensure that rail, which has not been continuously welded together, such as critical joints, remain secured together.

If a rail is not properly fastened together, it obviously presents serious safety concerns. The vibrations from passing locomotives, coupled with their weight, can make the rail steel unstable and lead to a volatile situation, such as a derail. Fortunately, this concern can be eliminated entirely with the proper use of railroad track fasteners.

The type of fasteners, whether it is self-locking nuts, diamond bolts, frog bolts, or something else, will depend upon your specific application.

In order to help railroad workers complete the necessary maintenance, repairs, or replacements using fasteners, torque wrenches are often sold alongside these products to ensure proper torquing of the fasteners are achieved. Using the proper tooling for fasteners makes it far easier to quickly complete projects.

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